Go Green Today Energy That Is Clean and Efficient

go green todayIt’s no secret that greenhouse gases are affecting the climate and that high rates of fossil fuel consumption are quickly depleting these non-renewable resources. Without a shift in how we produce energy, we will soon be facing an energy crisis of enormous proportions. Fortunately, the abundant supplies of green energy – such as wind, water, and sunlight – can be used to produce energy that is clean and efficient.

Until changes are made on a global scale, it is up to individuals, or small communities, to change their primary sources of energy one at a time. With the many different sources of green, renewable energy available, you are in a position to make changes that will benefit the planet. Let’s look at some of the reasons why green energy is the best energy source.

The Details

  • It’s Clean. Green energy doesn’t cause the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It also doesn’t cause harm to the environment like fossil fuels can, such as in the case of an oil spill.
  • It’s Renewable. There are a limited number of fossil fuels on the planet, and supplies of coal, gas, and oil are diminishing, which means that they will eventually run out. Green sources of energy renew themselves, so they will always be available.
  • It’s Safe. Green energy is safe for those who build and maintain the energy source and who consume it. This is not the case for other sources of energy, including nuclear power and fossil fuels.
  • It’s Widely Available. Sources of green energy are available worldwide and at high levels, which eliminates costs associated with transmitting the sources of energy to distant locations.
  • It’s Cheap. Sun, water and wind energy cost nothing in terms of raw materials.
  • It Reduces Global Conflict. When one country has a fossil fuel that others don’t have, conflicts arise. Those without have to try to negotiate deals with those who do have the raw materials. Renewable energy sources are unlimited, and everyone has access to a natural source.
  • It’s Independent. Once you have an established system for producing energy from a renewable source, you are not dependent on a company to provide you with energy.
  • It’s Economically Certain. The costs associated with fossil fuels are volatile. Costs associated with green energy are minimal, which keeps the budget steady.
  • It’s Eco-Friendly. With green energy, like turbines that generate energy from tides, the fragile ecosystems of the oceans aren’t negatively affected.
  • It Supports Communities. Green energy is not limited to individual households. Entire communities can be run from solar power.
  • It Taps Natural Resources. With a little more than 70% of the planet covered by water, it makes sense to use it as a source of energy, such as with hydroelectricity.

The Bottom Line

Green energy is the better energy source because it offers numerous benefits for you and for the environment. It is renewable, and once you are set up your system, you have a constant source of energy that will not be depleted and is not subject to interruption. It is also cost effective, and supply and demand do not affect pricing. With sources of clean, renewable energy, the ecosystems of the planet are not being destroyed, and limited resources are not being used up. With green energy, you and the rest of the planet benefit, so you can consume energy guilt-free.